Jesy from little mix hair colour

Jesy from Little Mix is a bit of a hair chameleon, able to pull different styles, all suiting her perfectly but very different 

Jesy has a medium skin tone so she can pull off lots of different looks. Early last year I used A  Summer Lites technique, placing lighter ribbons of colour around her face to illuminate her cheekbones and eyes. It is chic and expensive-looking colour which is surprisingly low-maintenance.

Then I went for a look with more drama and definition; blending a rich brunette base with the  Tissue Lites technique. This is great if you want a highlighted effect without looking stripy or false, and also gives the impression of volume.

Towards the end of last year, I  went seasonal and did a Winter Red; a bespoke, gorgeous red tailored to Jesy’s skin and eyes. I used different tones and balayaged the colour through to create a rich, glossy red, and used semi-permanent colour to keep it ultra-nourishing and kind to the hair.

The secret is to keep the tones around Jesy’s face soft and subtle, with more depth towards the back; the dark shade she is sporting at the moment has hints of mahogany, which softens the colour and makes it easier to wear.